The University of Iowa, Currier Residence Hall Dining Area Renovation

Iowa City, Iowa

  • FIRM

    Rohrbach Associates PC


    The University of Iowa

  • AREA

    38,549 sq.ft.





This student activity center was created by renovating an abandoned food-service area on the first floor of Currier Hall on the campus of the University of Iowa. The renovation provides five distinctly new activity spaces for students living in Currier, Stanley, Burge and Daum residence halls.

A multipurpose room contains tables and chairs for seating up to 300, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$99.41FEATURED IN2004 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYInterior Renovation for noisy study activities, and entertainment and social activities. The audiovisual system has the capability for movies, computer presentations, game systems and overhead presentations. The ambience is that of a nightclub with bright, vibrant, high-tech colors, textures, multiple lighting settings and movable furnishings.

A quiet study lounge has seating for about 80 students in a comfortable mixture of couches, tables and chairs. The architecture of the space is more residential and warm, with the use of dark wood for trim and wainscot, heavy textured vinyl walls, formalized ceiling treatment and light fixtures, and plush carpeting.

Other spaces include a high-tech fitness center equipped with cardiovascular-type workout equipment; and a computer lab capable of accommodating 50 terminals, two monitor stations, two recycling bins and waiting chairs for four to six people.

Tying these spaces together is a central seating, activity and game room directly off the new main north-south building corridor system for the residence hall. This area has pool and foosball tables, an electric dartboard and many electronic games. The decor has a nightclub-type social setting with colors, textures and furnishings similar to that of the adjacent multipurpose room.