University of Texas at Dallas, Engineering & Computer Science Complex

Dallas, Texas

  • FIRM

    F&S Partners


    University of Texas at Dallas

  • AREA

    158,173 sq.ft.





The University of Texas at Dallas needed space to accommodate 50 to 75 percent increases in enrollment for the Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science. The complex includes high-technology classrooms, faculty and staff offices, and computer laboratories for undergraduate and graduate students. The building’s design focuses on matching the existing building ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY2,023COST PER SQ FT$151.73FEATURED IN2003 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized campus style to create an engineering complex.

The Engineering & Computer Science Complex contains the following key elements:

-Ten classrooms with high-tech audiovisual systems and wireless technology seating more than 1,000 students combined.

-Centralized audiovisual control providing remote access and programming.

-A centralized data/telecommu-nications room for the entire building that provides high-speed Internet fiber-optic cabling.

-Satellite downlink system.

-Computer research facilities.

-General and specialized computer labs and special research facilities.

-A strong image compatible with the campus master plan and existing architecture.