Salt Lake Community College, Student Pavilion

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • FIRM

    Architectural Nexus


    Facilities Division of Salt Lake Community College

  • AREA

    13,100 sq.ft.





This project resulted from a design-build competition. The basic program called for a multiuse room, three conference rooms, a student lobby and a gallery space with food service.

Thinking about life from a student’s perspective sparked a chain of design ideas that can be summarized with two concepts:

•The pavilion should be a center of activity. Activity ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$159.54FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio include a food-service area, an amphitheater with a movable glass wall that connects to the multipurpose room, and an e-mail center that students could use as they come and go. These three activity centers form a triangle in plan.

•The facility should become an icon. The site is a prime gateway to the campus. Students want something with which they can identify. If it is abstract, it is even better because it symbolizes their own learning desires. These concepts resulted in the amphitheater’s sculptural shading device.

The planning took advantage of the site’s slope. Entry from the west is at the upper level, which descends to the multiuse and amphitheater level. Landscape design is simple so the structure can express itself. Interior design is utilitarian and expresses the structure.