The Culver Academies, Dicke Hall of Mathematics/Roberts Hall of Science

Culver, Indiana

The Dicke Hall of Mathematics/Roberts Hall of Science is situated on the Culver Academies campus, an 1,800-acre private high school in northern Indiana. The site is convenient to the other existing academic buildings and continues the development along Lake Maxinkuckee as envisioned in the campus master plan. The structure is set back from the lake to preserve ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$223.00FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio park-like area along the lakeshore.

The new building has three stories, and the mechanical systems are in the attic under the building’s sloped roof. Air intakes and fume-hood exhaust are disguised in the large brick chimneys.

Science teaching spaces for chemistry, biology, physics and integrated sciences are designed as combination lab/classrooms. This allows classes to move from lecture to lab seamlessly in the same class period. It also allows one faculty member to supervise the combined space. The building features a separate lab for independent research projects, seminar rooms for small-group study and tutorial rooms for one-on-one instruction.

A semicircular-shaped MBA-type classroom is at the building’s west end. The interior space has tables and chairs on raised tiers that are angled to allow visual contact.