Paducah Community College, Challenger Learning Center

Paducah, Kentucky

The two-story building features the Challenger Learning Center on the first level, and classrooms and office space on the second level. One of only 43 in the United States, this Challenger Learning Center serves students from Western Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri.

Visitors enter from a two-story glass-walled atrium. The Challenger Learning Center is ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY180COST PER SQ FT$173.00FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio of a launch pad gantry, high-tech space installation and an aircraft hanger. A central rotunda, resembling the shaft of a rocket and crowned by a skylight, is the lobby’s focal point. The entire experience is complemented by the building’s detailed architecture.

The second floor connects to an adjacent building for a seamless integration of graduate-level programs that include distance-learning classrooms, office suites for faculty, and a large lecture hall intended to be a multipurpose facility for the campus.

The building’s exterior blends with the existing architecture on campus and creates a unique statement that reflects the nature of the Challenger Learning Center. Tall, slender columns are reminiscent of adjacent buildings and are capped by a cornice that ties all building components together.