St. Mary’s College of Maryland, The Edward T. Lewis Quadrangle Residence Hall

St. Mary’s City, Maryland

  • FIRM

    Muse Architects


    St. Mary`s College of Maryland

  • AREA

    47,000 sq.ft.





St. Mary’s College of Maryland requested new housing, organized in suites of various sizes, for about 225 students. The goal was to design a student-housing complex that met these functional requirements and created a community in which students would be proud to live.

Situated in historic St. Mary’s City, Md., the brick housing complex was designed to fit ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$129.26FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio the master plan and sensitively extend the campus within its unique context. It is a courtyard composition of three residence-hall buildings, which house 216 students, and a fourth building containing recreational and study facilities for students. The halls are planned as six-, 10-, and 14-bed suites dispersed throughout the three buildings to create a variety of living environments. A loggia carved into the base of all four buildings provides for continuity around the courtyard and elliptical lawn, as well as covered access to the facilities.