Brown University, English Department

Providence, Rhode Island

  • FIRM

    LLB Architects


    Brown University Facilities Management

  • AREA

    29,000 sq.ft.





Previously housed in numerous buildings around campus, the new English Department facilities provide a home for the largest academic department at Brown University. The design preserves the historic Wheaton house, re-establishes an alley as a defined urban space, and sensitively integrates new construction into the neighborhood. The intent was to maintain the smaller ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$165.79FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio house as the significant major element. To accomplish this goal, the addition was reduced in scale by sectioning the new construction into five pavilion buildings.

To reinstate the old city grid, the creative writing program was separated from the larger structure and placed across the alley. The two buildings fill in the nondescript end of the alley and re-establish the original character.

The restoration and new structure is a building in harmony with its surroundings and connected to the university ensemble. The result of these efforts is a successful integration of the existing and new structures.