Huntington College, Science Hall

Huntington, Indiana

  • FIRM



    Huntington College

  • AREA

    96,346 sq.ft.





Huntington College’s science educational facility had fallen behind the school’s standards for excellence. It recognized that it must improve facilities, update equipment, ensure safety and add space for scientific research in order to provide new graduates the best science education.

The new science hall provides flexible classroom and laboratory space essential ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$147.00FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio teaching the sciences in a student-centered and personal environment. Subject-specific laboratory space for faculty and students enhances Huntington’s educational programs, fosters creativity and inquiry, and strengthens skills. Advanced instrumentation and integrated computer technology expand the scope of knowledge and investigation.

The first-floor atrium includes many artistic designs to blend aesthetics with science. Natural light streams into the building’s interior, dazzled with color from the vonRoenn art glass on the third level. East corridor intersections contain a tiling pattern, based on the mathematical theories developed by Sir Robert Penrose. Wireless computer networking and scholarly collaboration with experts from around the world via distance learning are available to students and faculty throughout the Science Hall.