John Wood Community College, New Campus Development: Administration & Classroom Buildings

Quincy, Illinois

  • FIRM

    Architechnics, Inc.


    John Wood Community College, State of Illinois

  • AREA

    115,000 sq.ft.





The project involved the development of a new campus, and the design, construction and buildout of the main core campus buildings for the college. The site is a 150-acre parcel.

The academic functions and administrative offices are contained in three buildings: Building A is a science and technology facility containing science laboratories, classrooms and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$127.00FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio computer labs; Building B is an academic/instructional building with a library, open learning center, open computing and intelligent classrooms; Building C is the student services/administration building containing offices, conference facilities, student services, a student center, cafeteria, kitchen, bookstore and classrooms. Parking facilities, drives, walks, outdoor spaces/plaza, public art, site amenities, site lighting, site furnishings, building security and building furnishings also were part of the project.

The campus is interconnected with a structural cabling system that links all spaces in all buildings on the campus. A central IT control room houses all information and data-processing functions.