A.E. Stevenson High School, Resource Center and Commons Addition

Lincolnshire, Illinois

  • FIRM

    OWP/P Architects


    A.E. Stevenson High School District 125

  • AREA

    60,000 sq.ft.





A.E. Stevenson High School has been ranked as the top-ranked public high school in Illinois by Newsweek magazine. To accommodate a projected enrollment of 4,500, the facility was expanded in September 2001 to include a new resource center, commons and a 30-classroom addition. The design called for spaces to encourage collaborative learning.

An initial concern was ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$173.00FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio students would be reluctant to walk to the remote location of the new additions. An intrinsic connection between the addition and the existing building was crucial; thus the new space featured a highly sophisticated area that was technologically advanced, yet visually open and inviting.

Expansive windows in the resource center allow natural light, and create a sense of comfort and stimulation for learning and social activities. Flexibility of the space also encourages learning and collaboration. Furniture and equipment can be rearranged easily, and resources can be added to support activities requiring programmatic changes.