Manistee High School

Manistee, Michigan

Manistee High School was designed for today and tomorrow; the core facility is designed to serve 1,100 students, and the educational components currently serve 680 students. This allows for expansion to the 1,100-student capacity with minimal cost and impact on operations.

Natural light enters learning and circulation spaces through windows, translucent panels and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY680COST PER SQ FT$108.11FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio windows. The light provides a warm and comforting environment during winter. The facility simultaneously houses the educational program and serves as a community center. The gymnasium, fitness facilities, commons and kitchen are designed to allow community members to use the space during the day without disturbing students.

The commons/cafeteria is the “living room” of the school and functions as a central organizing element. Each of the main program components (media center, 2,000-seat gymnasium, 475-seat auditorium and offices) has direct access to this space, allowing efficient circulation between elements. The two-story, walkout condition of the educational wing, which was created to maximize an unavoidable uphill slope, is designed to accommodate grade-separated quadrants or a traditional department layout.