Granville Intermediate School

Granville, Ohio

  • FIRM

    MKC Associates, Inc.


    Avon Local Schools

  • AREA

    84,762 sq.ft.





The striking exterior design of Granville Intermediate School reflects the architecture and character of the community and of Denison University, the local college. Reminiscent of early school buildings and local landmarks, the prominent bell tower identifies the main entrance. Wide dormers are used for ventilation and flood the interior space with light, while serving ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$108.16FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio a design element. Careful balance of proportion, scale and use of materials suits the site’s context.

As part of a $32 million K-12 facilities expansion and modernization, the interior of the Intermediate School is based on academic pods that create a neighborhood environment. Flexibility was accomplished by placing a common area within the pod to serve as a student breakout area and by incorporating movable classroom partitions to allow team-teaching. The library/media center features two computer labs and is situated centrally within the academic wings.

Administrative offices are situated inside the entrance to force visitors to register. Video monitoring of key areas enhances security. The commons/cafeteria and 300-seat gymnasium, situated near the entrance, can be accessed for community functions without opening academic areas. Traffic patterns are separated for buses and parent dropoff.