Jamestown Middle School

Jamestown, North Carolina

The Jamestown Middle School design concept was based on an inclusive process that involved teachers, students, parents and facility managers of the Guilford County School District. The program included a new gym, a commons area, 12 classrooms, three science rooms and a resource room.

The solution was dependent on materializing the idea of composed learning units. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY300COST PER SQ FT$140.00FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio classrooms and one science room were grouped in each wing of the building and oriented for southeast natural light. This concept was adopted to develop a school-within-a-school while allowing for intimate team-teaching areas. Modified L-shaped classrooms provide technology learning pods, which maximize teacher supervision.

An atrium spine joins the new and old buildings and creates a student commons area adjacent to the existing cafeteria and new gym, while also providing a strategic circulation path that connects with other campus buildings. The atrium clerestories along the spine provide natural light into a tired 1960s school building and create a visually pleasing environment. The final project illustrates how pedagogical objectives can be translated into physical form.