Heritage Elementary School

Avon, Ohio

  • FIRM

    MKC Associates, Inc.


    Avon Local Schools

  • AREA

    71,132 sq.ft.





This school was designed to support the district’s activity-oriented approach to learning for students in grades 4 to 6. The layout inspires student engagement through academic spaces anchored by an activity core, featuring a learning resource center with two computer labs, an art classroom, three science classrooms and a faculty planning room. Three classroom wings ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$101.33FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio an administrative suite surround this core. Colors and natural light create a stimulating atmosphere and help define spaces.

The school also features a full-size gymnasium with a stage, instrumental and vocal classrooms, and a cafeteria/commons. Administrative offices are positioned next to the main entrance, linking the public spaces to the academic spaces. This arrangement reflects the building’s community-friendly intent by allowing public use without accessing academic sections. The layout also enhances security by forcing visitors to pass the office area prior to gaining entry to the main lobby.

The school’s exterior is based on Western Reserve design to reflect the architecture of the community. The rotunda area features the clearly recognized main entrance. The parking lot is designed to separate the bus loading/unloading zones from the parent zones.