Covington Elementary School

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Creative infrastructure supports education delivery at Covington Elementary School.

A district conservation mandate that sought a five-year payback and increased funds for education challenged the engineering design. It resulted in heating and cooling by ground-source heat pumps supplied from a closed-loop well field. The design resulted in classroom-level control as ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY500COST PER SQ FT$129.52FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio as district office oversight and control. The innovative placement of mechanicals on mezzanines above hallways minimizes any future classroom disruption.

Separate parent dropoff and bus doors (with video surveillance) are across from one another and are the only public access to the building. All traffic is visible to the school office before it turns either to the classroom area or to the gym and cafetorium. Programmable proximity fobs control access (both time and door) to all other building doors.

Looking to the future, designers incorporated both wired and wireless technology throughout the building. Computers are in each classroom, and the school includes a computer lab and computer access in the media center. Each classroom pair shares a computer pod and a movable wall for team-teaching.