Graysville Elementary School

Graysville, Tennessee

  • FIRM

    Artech Design Group


    Rhea County

  • AREA

    56,000 sq.ft.





The agricultural and farming history of the city of Graysville provided the inspiration for the style of this facility. Situated on an 11-acre site on the perimeter of a 1960s residential area, the new Graysville Elementary School satisfies the neighborhood’s desire to keep the school within its immediate community. Traditional shapes and colors of rural architecture ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY340COST PER SQ FT$71.00FEATURED IN2003 Educational Interiors2003 Architectural PortfolioINTERIOR CATEGORYCommon Areas used in order to diminish the impact of such a large facility among the homes.

Creating a kid-friendly, durable and low-maintenance environment on a limited budget was the ultimate challenge faced by the design team. Through the use of a variety of interior finishes, the designers created a bright and stimulating atmosphere for the children. Vivid colors and patterns created with geometric shapes unify the interior spaces and are expressed through every aspect of the building including flooring, wall patterns and millwork.

The layout of the building provides the students and the community easy access to its common areas. A large multipurpose/play area gives students a place for recreational activities and is available to the public for community events.