Georgia Institute of Technology, The Hill District Improvements

Atlanta, Georgia

  • FIRM



    Georgia Institute of Technology

  • AREA

    43,000 sq.ft.



The Hill District at the Georgia Institute of Technology is the historic and administrative heart of the campus. It was important for the design site improvements to preserve the historical and architectural elements of the area. The design included the use of brick walkways that complement the historic brick buildings. Hardscape improvements transformed the center of ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2002 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYLandscape from a vehicular area with parking to a pedestrian-oriented space with emphasis on circulation to the adjacent administrative buildings, football stadium, Moore Student Success Center and Junior’s Grill.

The diversity of building uses draws faculty, staff, alumni and students alike to the area. The design has been successful in accommodating heavy pedestrian traffic, while maintaining service access to the surrounding buildings. Landscape improvements complement the existing mature tree canopy that anchors the area to its roots. Additionally, improvements are planned for adjacent areas. Phase two is in the construction stage, and phase three is in the design stage.

Note: Costs include grading, drainage, lighting, paving, site furnishings, sidewalks, seatwalls, landscape, irrigation and bollards)