Westminster College, Shaw Student Center

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • FIRM

    MHTN Architects


    Westminster College

  • AREA

    23,000 sq.ft.





As a small, private college in an expanding urban area, Westminster College has seen a massive increase in its residential population. Expansion of the Shaw Student Center and Bookstore became necessary upon completion of a new 400-bed student-housing complex. Driven by the need to increase the capacity of existing food-service operations, provide higher-quality ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY460COST PER SQ FT$108.70FEATURED IN2002 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYRenovation services, and encourage interaction among members of the campus community, the Shaw Student Center’s design provides a welcoming identity for those who make the campus their home.

The Shaw Student Center is one of the busiest buildings on campus. Combining renovated space for student government, student programs, employment services, bookstore, game and meeting areas with a “Euro cafe” food concept creates an active and dynamic environment. An existing brick facade has been opened up to a panoramic view of historic Converse Hall and Plaza; dining and game areas are now washed with daylight. New indoor and outdoor dining areas add significantly to the activity of the union, night and day. As a beautiful campus centerpiece, the Shaw Student Center draws people by offering comfortable spaces for individuals and groups alike.