University of Connecticut, Wilbur Cross Student Services Center

Storrs, Connecticut

  • FIRM

    Arbonies King Vlock


    University of Connecticut

  • AREA

    109,000 sq.ft.





The University of Connecticut has renovated its landmark 70-year-old Wilbur Cross Building, situated at the historic heart of its Storrs campus, into a technologically complete student-services center that welcomes and supports students and staff.

During on-campus workshops, administrators, students and staff requested efficient student-services delivery; greater ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$119.00FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio between students and staff; easy reconfiguration for future needs; and space for students to gather and work.

Design elements include:

- An open plan for easy wayfinding.

- A new, double-height, naturally illuminated, oval lobby reamed out of the original, conventional layout, and featuring new skylights, perforated stainless-steel arches and story-tall steel sconces.

- A prominent oval information kiosk, topped with black granite accented in stainless steel.

- Demountable modular glass, wood, and fabric walls that separate departments and permit flexibility.

- Glass-walled boulevards that foster accessibility.

- Loungers on casters where students can wait, study or socialize.