Hopkinton High School

Hopkinton, Massachusetts

The new Hopkinton High School is situated on a large town-owned site. The program accommodates 1,100 students in academic areas and 1,250 in core areas. The site consists of about 120 acres of rural land, primarily wetlands with 13 acres of clear land for the school and playing fields.

A three-story academic wing allows classrooms to be grouped in a variety of ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMLarson Associates, Inc.CAPACITY1,100COST PER SQ FT$141.33FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio in relation to science labs, which are configured in multistory clusters. The building’s overall organization unites the three-story wing with the two-story wing that contains the major assembly and public-use space. A major skylighted spine or thoroughfare serves as the main path to the public-use spaces and as the primary building organizer.

A distributed air-conditioning system allows flexible distribution of partial-load air-conditioning capacity to any part of the building. This lets the school air-condition only the portions of the school that are in use, which reduces overall energy costs.