Castle Junior High School

Boonville, Indiana

  • FIRM

    VPS Architecture


    Warrick County School Corporation

  • AREA

    118,000 sq.ft.





Castle Junior High School, originally Southern Warrick County High School, was occupied by grades 7 and 8 without the renovation necessary to accommodate a junior high school curriculum. Major renovation and additions to the current facility accommodated the need for computerized curriculum delivery for the home-economics and industrial-technology space, along with ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY830COST PER SQ FT$45.08FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio the lack of space in the cafeteria and media center. In a two-day design meeting, the picture of Castle Junior High School was created by teachers, staff and students.

The 28,200-square-foot addition included a new entry into the building that created a clear separation of student and visitor entrances, as well as accommodating after-hours use of the building. The new site circulation provided for a separation of bus and parent traffic. A new restaurant-type cafeteria was included, and the existing cafeteria was converted into a media center/computer lab.

The use of natural daylighting allows the children of Warrick County to enjoy a new facility that is designed to improve overall academic achievement.