Helen Keller Middle School

Easton, Connecticut

  • FIRM

    Fletcher-Thompson, Inc.


    Town of Easton, Connecticut

  • AREA

    86,640 sq.ft.





Additions and renovations to Helen Keller Middle School have created a modern, light-filled learning environment appropriate for fifth- through eighth-grade students, but flexible enough to be transformed easily into a school for grades 3 to 5. The redesign permits efficient sharing of core components such as the gym, media center and a new administrative/support suite. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY609COST PER SQ FT$112.00FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio expanded cafetorium—nearly double the size of the original—features a curving, light-colored brick wall; a two-story glass-enclosed entrance; and a sweeping metal roof canopy.

The new entry court is served by a separate parent dropoff area and provides convenient access for after-hours community users. Interior renovations include new special-education classrooms and the replacement of dark brick and carpeting in the corridors with a bright palette of new finishes. Accessibility for disabled students has been enhanced throughout the building. Construction had to proceed while the building was occupied, but comprehensive planning, careful phasing and rigorous subcontractor management allowed the project to be completed in just seven months.