J. Turner Hood Elementary School

North Reading, Massachusetts

  • FIRM

    TLCR Associates Inc.


    North Reading School Building Committee

  • AREA

    54,176 sq.ft.





“Give us a refreshing impact on the learning environment,” they said. “School will be in session, so phased construction. We’ve maxed out the portables.” A nicely detailed, well maintained, fairly standard 1950s schoolhouse, J. Turner Hood Elementary School needed major upgrades.

So, a strong new visual presence was created—an exterior celebrating entry, an inside ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY450COST PER SQ FT$154.20FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio a crossroads starting point. This included a new canopy and tower, plus a lobby skylight.

A new wing uses program elements that benefit from increased ceiling heights—library/media center, art and music—as well as a separate community-use door.

Additional program pieces—improved administration and teachers’ spaces, support areas—are added within the existing fabric. New kindergarten rooms are carved from the liberated standard classroom space.

Renovations include new windows, roof, floor and ceiling finishes, lighting, additional casework (“cubby corners”), tack- and whiteboards, considerable infrastructure improvements, and the latest in communications and technology networks.