White Oak Elementary School

Morris, Illinois

  • FIRM

    STR Partners LLC


    Morris Elementary School District 54

  • AREA

    189,000 sq.ft.





White Oak fulfills the district’s wish to replace its three antiquated elementary schools with a single facility.

The schools-within-a-school design embraces three two-story wings. Lower floors house pre-K to 2. Second floors house grades 3 to 5. Colors and floor patterns define grades and reinforce group identity. Students stay within their houses except for visits ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,300COST PER SQ FT$123.60FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio encore activities, library and cafetorium. The central library’s open, two-story space allows access from both levels. Houses back onto a secure bus dropoff.

An encore wing isolates noisy activities. Younger grades enjoy a smaller gym; a larger gym is for older students and the community. Also included are two music rooms, two art rooms and a 350-student cafetorium with full-service kitchen and double-sided stage. The wing allows separate community entry while maintaining security of academic areas.

Interior spaces are efficient, light-filled and vibrant. A sweeping curtainwall/canopy welcomes all.