Shenandoah Elementary and Middle School

Shenandoah , Iowa

These innovative “back-to-back” pre-K to 4 and 5 to 8 facilities exemplify a leading-edge design for flexibility in educational delivery. The plan incorporates project-based learning areas throughout and emphasizes the integration of small-group and individual study rooms easily accessible from core learning areas. The blending of educational-delivery environments is ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,100COST PER SQ FT$69.89FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio by broadly dispensed technology-access points.

Beyond the dynamic two-story commons/large-group learning areas and their balconies that greet students, the plan succeeds in creating a feeling of identity for each smaller student grouping. It paves the way for a broad range of team-teaching applications within and among grades. Exploratory learning centers, special-programs areas, student-teacher interaction areas and resources are all accessed easily. School/community shared activities areas complete the layout.

District patrons blended imaginative educational goals and real economic challenges into a tough, long-range tax and cost-management plan. Superior quality, flexibility and operating efficiencies were achieved through comprehensive cost-management systems, saving taxpayers more than 15 percent compared with regional averages of traditional architect or construction management-driven approaches.