Chicago Public Schools Prototype—Elementary School

Chicago, Illinois

  • FIRM

    OWP/P Architects


    Chicago Public Schools

  • AREA

    107,952 sq.ft.





Chicago Public Schools wanted K-8 prototypes that would be built as “100-year” schools. They needed to be durable and adaptable to changing educational needs.

The asymmetrical, L-shape of the prototype makes the building adaptable to tight urban sites. This prototype will result in limited student displacement during construction and reduced need for additional ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY960COST PER SQ FT$155.00FEATURED IN2001 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYWork in Progress acquisitions. The scale is well-suited to neighborhoods because it has two- and three-story elements.

Strategic placement of glazing provides daylight and allows constant administrative supervision within a school and at points of entry. A green roof above a two-story gymnasium and photovoltaic panels provide opportunities to incorporate environmental units in the curriculum. The design has dedicated technology spaces and electrical flexibility in classrooms and large-group spaces.

Anderson Community Academy: Capacity: 960, 107,952 sq. ft., Total cost: $16,737,328; Oscar DePriest School: Capacity: 960, 107,236 sq. ft., Total cost: $15,689,267; Edward "Duke" Ellington School: Capacity: 1,048, 113,644 sq. ft., $17,702,062